Social Media for

A Bespoke pet food company who employed me for Digital Design Campaigns. Below are a few examples of social media campaigns we created and analysed.

Working on Location and Editing

I was lucky enough to work on shooting location with the key talent being dogs! Capturing excitable dogs going crazy over this new bespoke dog food company. I was then also in charge of editing the videos, grading, adding motion graphics and getting it ready for social media channels.

Experimental Motion Graphics I loved the freedom allowed me to try new ads using techniques such as rotoscoping the dogs and creating polariod mask overs using customer submitted footage.

Understanding different formats

It is important to understand the different formats for the best success out of video advertisements. 16:9, Square, full screen mobile, long timelines, short we experimented at to determine which formats viewers were most engaged in, not only in clicks, but conversions too.