Tails.com Social Media Videos

I was approached by tails.com as a digital designer for around 10 months to help out with their creative and marketing team. Creating a vast range of different digital assets, it was interesting working in the field of dog food which i had never done before. Tails at the time was a new small-medium business which meant i had to be diverse and hands on, ready to approach all sorts of different types of work. Involved in three different brand identity stages, creatively it was fast paced and constantly changing.

Sometimes involved in the entire life of an ad creation – from hands on production, directing and filming myself – to retouching, editing and formatting for the different media channels. Often the filming would be done by an agency, where i’d select particular clips and develop a range of short ads to use on our social media platforms.

Software used – Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects.

Below are just a few of the social media videos i made for Tails.com

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