Motion Graphics & Video editing for digital displays and billboards. Below are a select few examples of the billboard videos created.

Ads for Marinas

A lot of companies who wanted videos created were situated on billboards in marinas across New Zealand. This is one example of creating an ad from existing assets, editing together video and imagery, and creating motion graphics.

Marina Ads

The ads were between 15 - 30 seconds long often situated in high traffic areas, so content needed to be engaging and with good pacing.

Real Estate

Another popular client were companies in real estate. Footage would be mixed, with some supplying high quality video, with some just supplying statics, it was my task to create engaging content with the clients existing creatives.

After Effects
& Premiere Pro

All ads were made in After Effects and Premiere pro. Creating the animated sections in AE then editing with video or static in Premiere Pro.